I train dogs and their people.™ You may think it’s just dog training but it is also how you manage your dog and interact with it. All your interactions with your dog are training it – something. Let’s troubleshoot your dog management and get you the communication system that works best for your dog. I use behavioral science, operant conditioning with verbal markers, to train dogs. It preserves the positive relationship with your dog. 

Email with Inquries tracy.zitnik@gmail.com to schedule a consult about your dog.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Private Lessons

This is for dog owners who want to be involved in the training and have the time to work with their dogs. You will be working with your dog during and between sessions. Sessions last about 75-90 minutes depending on the motivation of dog and owner.

Lessons will be conducted at your home. I will design the lessons to fit your individual needs.Managing your dog during training is imperative. I will set up and give you a management plan to make life easier on you and your dog until you get obedience behavior in place. Your dog will be introduced to the communication system including the marker words (feedback for the dog) so you can clearly communicate with your dog. Dogs learn best through repetition; practice, practice, practice, creates the habit. Once it’s a habit, your dog will know what to do when given a command and reflexively comply.  I start the dog’s training but I am showing you how to continue the training. To aid the generalization phase of training, you will practice training at other locations. This also includes email questions and troubleshooting between sessions and after.

Private Lesson –  3 Lessons  $400


Puppy Foundation

For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months. Puppies practicing recall, experiencing weird environmental sights, feels and sounds.Most importantly, I will give you a management plan for your puppy so it doesn’t end up with bad habits. You practicing potty training methods to get that over with; classically conditioning your reward marker word (think Pavlov); Begin basic obedience behavior I teach you how to continue training, learning how to start the recall “come” command by having your dog chase you in a fun, repetitive way. Repetition builds habits, habits become the automatic reaction of your dog. This includes 3 sessions and any follow up questions and troubleshooting you may need addressed over email.

3 sessions $300


Board and Train Program

Send your dog to live with the trainer. Your dog will get round the clock care in my home. My in-board programs are designed for busy professionals who want a well-trained dog but may not have the time necessary to invest in the initial stages of training. My goal is to help you and your dog become a successful team.

For dogs and puppies over 6 months old. Social, outgoing dogs that do not require any behavior modification or confidence building and that don’t have any serious behavioral issues.

This program is designed for dogs whose owners don’t have the time to be involved every week and don’t want to devote as much time to the early training stages. In this program I teach your dog how to learn, teach the communication system, and 4 to 5 on-leash behaviors.

Cost: $2000

Duration: 3 to 4 weeks results based. 1 lesson at pick up and 2 follow up lessons to make sure you are staying on track with the training.