Tracy Zitnik, Dog Trainer

ZOW DOG training focuses on building a strong relationship using animal behavioral science to create the best training for your dog and you.

I train dogs and their people. When I say it, people understand instinctively that they unwittingly contribute to the dog problems. I assure you, you are a very large part of the solution too. I have been a dog trainer since 2016. I realize that people are inadvertently training their dogs to do weird things. So stay open-minded as together we address what things you are doing to create the dog’s behavior.  Together we will build new habits and eliminate the bad ones. You can find me in the Omaha Metro Area.

I will be adding helpful tips on how to get the behavior you want from your dog and video to show you how. Check out my blog Never Chase Your Dog!

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Baby, Manager

Baby has over 15 years of experience as a dog. In her lifetime, she has kept three puppies on their best behavior around her little 8 lbs. frame.

Maizy, Assistant Trainer

Maizy helps dogs relax around other dogs. She is enthusiastic about everything she does. Her obedience will make your dog try harder.

Diego, Resident Puppy

Diego is learning to answer to his name and to chase me around. He has a bright future as a retriever. 


Puppy Development: Techniques for making the most of your puppy for work or pet

Motivation: Techniques for increasing motivation and drive

Dog Management: Techniques for managing your dog during the training process

Obedience Intensive: Introduction To Michael Ellis’ training system in theory and practice

Advanced Obedience 1: Methods for teaching advanced bedience exercises

Advanced Obedience 2: Guided practice for advanced obedience exercises

 Behavior Modification: Working with Anxiety, Aggression and other Undesirable Behavior

Detection 1: Fundamentals of detection sports

Detection 2: Advanced Nose Work – Detection

Protection Theory 1: Dog Protection Basics

Protection Theory 2: Decoy Clinic

Protection Theory 3: Teaching the exercises of ringsport and IPO